Morocco and Africa markets

Why F&F Trade Engineering Ltd is focused on Morocco ?

The Network allows F & F since 2009 to identify the countries were products of our customers are more likely to be placed ; this through our services at international standards.
Our specific focus , in the last two years , is the Kingdom of Moroccoo.

This Arab country is the only stable across the MENA ( Middle East North Africa ) . It has an annual growth constant rate , at around 5 % , and is encouraging diversification than traditional investors , namely France and Spain.
Morocco have a strategic location overlooking both the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean , moreover than the 3rd trading port of the entire African continent .
Indeed Tangier Med , after Port – Said in Egypt and Durban in South Africa , has a moving freight of 2.5 million containers / year amounted to 26.15 million tons (2013). Forecast is to double this volumes in 2016.
The advantages in relocating a business in Morocco are various , supporting its headquarters in cities like Casablanca , Marrakech or Agadir , where infrastructure and services are about Western standard , it is an ‘ opportunity for all companies that want to get out from the internationalization classic paths , facing not only a country of strong growth , but ‘ the open door between West and the African continent .
With a good business plan it exists a possibility ( not the guarantee of course) to access to state funding for regional industrial and / or agricultural productions..


The tax advantages starting a business in Morocco:

  • Taxation of 0 % for the first 5 years ( 10 years in some special case)
  • Average cost of the work is around 400 euro/month , all inclusive
  • Bank system is a European level ( and continental distribution) with presence of european banks like French and Italian one


The F & F Trade Engineering Ltd will , with dedicated staff both local and European ,  facilitate the company in:

  • Completion of all administrative premises
  • Analysis of various kinds and opportunities
  • Selection and qualification of personnel
  • Finding suitable locations for offices or manufacturing sites and all that is necessary to medium business or industry, that wants to engage in the transfer of production facilities
  • Select , if requested by the customer , local partners to develop a real penetration of local market
  • Search and share with the company the opportunity to meet with counterparts in the African continent , which are currently in Morocco to meet precisely Western companies.
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